Electronic Imaging Symposium Proceedings

For nearly 30 years, the Electronic Imaging Symposium has been serving those in the broad community—from academia and industry—who work on imaging science and digital technologies. The breadth of the Symposium covers the entire imaging science ecosystem, from capture (sensors, cameras) through image processing (image quality, color, and appearance) to how we see and interpret images. Applications covered include security, virtual reality, machine vision, and data analysis, among others.

Some EI conferences, such as HVEI and SD&A have been around (nearly) as long as the Symposium itself; newer conferences—such as those focusing on Material Appearance and Autonomous Vehicles and Machines—reflect changes in our world and the evolution of imaging technologies, from dream to reality. New topic areas are introduced via special sessions, such as ones on computer vision and sports and surveillance applications and algorithms. A joint conference with SPIE, covering the field of electronic imaging from image capture through output and its applications.

EI proceedings from 2016 forward may be downloaded from IS&T's Digital Library/ei.

EI proceedings papers through 2015 may be purchased from the SPIE Digital Library at proceedings.spiedigitallibrary.org/ProceedingBrowse.aspx