Image Permanence Test Targets

This page provides test targets files for standards developed by ISO/TC 42, applicable to measuring the permanence of photographic prints. These images may have been generated with dyes or pigments by several processes, including chromogenic (silver-halide), dye transfer, thermal dye-diffusion transfer (“dye-sub”), dry and liquid toner electrophotography, thermal dye transfer, ink jet, and pigment gelatin systems.

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The test targets of ISO 18944 are examples to measure the retention of colour (gamut) of prints tested under conditions specified in ISO 18936 (thermal), ISO 18937 (light) and ISO 18941 (ozone).

The ISO 18946 test target is designed to measure lateral bleeding of images, specifically under conditions specified in ISO 18946 (humidity).

ISO 18949 test target is designed to measure color, density, D-min and D-max changes during the low humidity testing, specifically under conditions specified in ISO 18949 (low humidity).  Download the file in its full resolution with no lossy image or file compression.